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James Woodburn, CEO, Port Phillip Publishing

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The global transition to a low-carbon economy is underway...and an estimated US$95 TRILLION will mobilise to facilitate it.

Join me, James Woodburn, and a host of clean energy experts for a bumper, seven-day online summit as we show you how you could invest and profit from what we anticipate will be the biggest movement of capital in peacetime...

Meet Our Conference Speakers

Mark Lewis
Michael Liebreich
Ramez Naam
Gregor Macdonald
Simon Holmes
James Allen

As seen on CNN, Bloomberg TV, BBC World Service, ABC, CNBC, and featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Slate, The Economist, The Australian Financial Review, the Financial Times, Scientific American, and others

  • Mark Lewis: Peak Supply — The Surprising Way Oil Dies
  • Michael Liebreich: The Economics of the Clean Energy Transition
  • Ramez Naam: The Six Trillion Dollar Disruption
  • James Allen: How to Grab Your Stake in the Great Energy Switchover
  • Simon Holmes à Court: Why Australia’s Clean Energy Transition is Already Underway
  • Eoin Treacy: Money Migration — How This Megatrend Plays Out From Here
  • Gregor Macdonald: Oil Fall — Three Reasons Why Fossil Fuels Are Doomed

Register for FREE Now and Discover...

  • Is this really the end for fossil fuels — or is it too early to talk about ‘peak oil demand’?
  • Why one expert has predicted oil to plummet to just $5!
  • What happens when US$95 trillion floods into ONE market?
  • Why Australians have GERMAN households to thank for the crashing price of solar power...
  • How the coronavirus is accelerating the transition to renewables worldwide
  • Where should Australians look to invest now to take advantage of a transition that’s already underway?
  • Are green stocks really a new ‘safe haven’ for COVID-weary investors?
  • Why the richest nations in the world are using this moment to plough money into clean energy…and the projects that stand to benefit...
  • How Australia could soon be a net EXPORTER of clean energy...
  • What ONE renewable stock should you buy and hold for the next decade?

All of these questions — and many more — will be answered by a group of the biggest and most well-respected renewable energy experts in the world — at our Beyond Oil online investment summit, 19–25 October 2020.

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Introducing Your Keynote Speaker...

James AllenJames Allen has worked in the energy industry for more than a decade. He spent five years heading up an energy market bureau in New York. Before that, he ran an energy price-reporting desk in London.

Now he researches investment opportunities in clean energy for private investors all over the world.

Quite simply, no matter where you live in the world, this transition is too big to ignore.

James says the move to decarbonise the world will be the biggest disruption of our lifetime. And it will create some of the most mouth-watering investment plays most private investors have ever seen. (He’ll talk you through some of these in his keynote speech on day three of the show...)

Now, as the head of Australia’s largest independent financial publisher, I know that many regular Aussies simply aren’t aware of the potential of this quickly it’s coming...and how profoundly it’s likely to change the energy market, transportation, commerce and industry down here.

Few know about the sheer weight of capital projected to be headed into this the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated investment into this sector...and what that could do to the nascent clean energy industry in Australia...

...not to mention the stock prices of those companies which are leading the charge into this exciting new world.

On Monday, 19 October, all that changes for you.

Because if you register for Port Phillip Publishing’s seven-day online Beyond Oil investment summit, we’ll show you how you can have a stake in this transition. And build an investment strategy to take full advantage of this emerging megatrend.

Of course, you may be sceptical. Many are, all over the developed world. That’s fine. In many ways, this in-depth summit will be better suited to you than those already ‘on board’ with the move away from fossil fuels and into clean energy.

If you need persuading that the world is rapidly shifting to a low-carbon future, you’ll find all the evidence you need at our online conference. By the end of it, I’m sure you’ll be convinced...full of ideas...and ready to do something about it.

But for now, let me just show you this chart. This, in my view, is the single biggest incentive to invest in renewables right now…

This chart was produced from data gathered by none other than Shell — one of the biggest of the ‘big oil’ giants.

If they weren’t thinking about changing their business model before, I bet they are now...

It basically maps existing demand curves for fossil fuels and renewables...and uses that data to forecast out to the end of this century.

See that red circle? That’s where we are now.

They call it ‘the knee of the curve’…the moment just before exponential growth.

What does this chart tell you about the future...about where might be a good place for your money...and where might not be?

I know what it tells me...

The Writing is on the Wall for Fossil Fuels

At the end of last year, Chevron, one of the world’s biggest oil companies, wrote down its assets by a whopping US$10 billion.

You don’t do this if you’re confident about future growth.

Chevron’s move followed a similar US$5 billion write-down by Spain’s Repsol, another European oil company.

And this was before the oil price slumped to US$28 a barrel during the COVID crisis!

In fact, the coronavirus may have hammered the final nail in big oil’s coffin...

As reported in The Guardian (emphasis mine):

The plunging demand for oil wrought by the coronavirus pandemic combined with a savage price war has left the fossil fuel industry broken and in survival mode.

How broken?

Well, we just heard, in June this year, that BP is also writing down assets to the tune of US$17.5 billion.

The oil giant now admits that peak oil is close because of the rise of renewables.

That admission alone is HUGE...let alone that colossal asset write-down.

If you want to see how this plays out in the markets, look at their stock charts over the last year or two. You’ll see that all these big oil stocks are on a downward curve.

And this, by the way, has nothing whatsoever to do with the climate change debate. This is just the way the world is going now.

And if the future looks anything like the chart I just showed you, that puts you in a fantastic position, right now.

"Ten years ago — even five years ago — putting capital into [clean energy] didn’t really make sense because renewables themselves were still expensive and still needed subsidies. They don’t need subsidies anymore.

– Summit guest Mark Lewis, Global Head of Sustainability, BNP Paribas

Join Us for the Beyond Oil Investment Summit and Discover:

  • How coronavirus made investments in oil ‘riskier and more speculative’ and why the future is GREEN
  • Why renewables could power most of Australia by as soon as 2040...
  • Why electric vehicles only need 5% market share to signal the end of the internal combustion engine on Australia’s roads
  • Why some wind and solar projects are ALREADY as profitable as oil. PLUS, why the oil industry faces being ‘decimated’...
  • The one green energy investing mistake you shouldn’t make. (HINT: Not all stocks and funds are created equal...)
  • Why Australia would have to IMPORT nuclear power, despite having two of the three biggest uranium mines in the world...
  • Big Oil is betting against green energy, right? WRONG! The surprising investments of Big Oil companies (and what they tell us about the future of green energy)
  • How wind and solar are now cheaper than coal and gas for new electricity generation across more than two-thirds of the world...and what this means for your power bills over the next five years...
  • Why Australia is perfectly placed to become a renewable energy powerhouse, bring down power bills and export clean energy to the world...
  • The one (popular) green energy investment to avoid at all costs
  • ‘The sun doesn’t shine at night’ — DEBUNKED: Why Australia doesn’t need as much battery storage as you think

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  • Where we are in the clean energy transition right now, and what we can expect in the next three to five years...
  • The kinds of companies you should be interested in as an investor...
  • And the kinds of stocks you should definitely avoid (including one trap I just KNOW many novice punters will fall into...)

All you need to do to claim these four complimentary conference guides — and get a free ticket to the Beyond Oil online conference — is pop your email address in any of the boxes on this page and click or tap the button.

"The third phase of clean energy will be the most disruptive yet...

Trillions of dollars will be lost by incumbent companies and fossil fuel-dependent nations that move too slowly. Trillions of dollars will be made by those that lead. And the world will be better for it.

– Conference guest Ramez Naam, angel investor and lecturer
on clean energy and innovation at Singularity University

Why is Beyond Oil Free to Attend?

It’s a good question.

Typically, when Port Phillip Publishing puts on an investment conference, we charge attendees somewhere in the region of $500 a ticket.

And when you look at the calibre of our guests...the depth of their knowledge and expertise...and consider how you might benefit from that over seven intensive days, $500 would be a fair price.

A bargain, even.

Especially when you consider what you’d pay to attend similar green energy investment conferences around the world.

For example, the Financial Times’ Commodities Global Summit costs 3,495 euros (AU$5,695) a ticket!

The New Energy Investor Summit costs 1,600 euros (AU$2,600) a ticket.

And the Infrastructure Investor Global Summit costs an eye-watering 5,445 pounds (AU$9,665) a ticket — and that’s just the basic investor package!!

But our SEVEN-DAY investment conference is FREE.

How so?

First — because we can’t book out one of Melbourne’s major hotels for three days and fly in our speakers from all over the world. COVID has put paid to that.

Second — because many of the expert speakers are James’s industry contacts.

He says they were more than happy to talk to investors about this important transition...and help you understand exactly what’s happening and what to do about it.

And third, because James and I believe, fundamentally, that THIS IS THE MOMENT for green energy investment.

2020 is the time to get involved. Here’s why...

  • Capital is mobilising right now. This is mainly due to COVID and the response to it by governments.
  • In China, there were reports that people were so happy to breathe in clean air when the factories were all closed during their lockdown that they don’t want to go back!
  • Here in Australia, The Guardian reports that there’s a huge desire to ‘build a green economy from the Covid-19 wreckage’...
  • While the AFR says that US$2.3 trillion already committed this year signals that the clean energy investment trend is ‘already here’.

In short, I want every private investor in Australia to see what’s happening for themselves — and have the chance to grab an early stake in it.

In fact, during James’s keynote speech, he will share his number one renewable energy stock to buy and hold for the next 10 years.

This is how passionate we are about the opportunities presented by clean energy investing...and how committed we are to sharing this story — as it’s unfolding...

"Renewables Investment To Overtake Oil & Gas In Asia


"Top super fund dumps coal miners as emissions cuts intensify

– The Sydney Morning Herald

"Tech giants power record surge in renewable energy sales

– The Guardian

"Climate ranks higher than dividends: BHP

– The Australian Financial Review

"Students push universities to stop investing in fossil fuels

– the Associated Press

"Australia aims to become renewable energy export superpower

– the Financial Times

"Jim Cramer sees oil stocks in the “death knell phase,” says they are the new tobacco


"Renewables could power most of Australia by 2040


"An unprecedented plunge in oil demand will turn the industry upside down

– The Economist

"Insurance giant Suncorp to end coverage and finance for oil and gas industry

– The Guardian

"Clean energy agency set for “real evolution” in post-COVID economy

– The Sydney Morning Herald

"Clean power investments “make sense”

– The Australian Financial Review

The simple truth is:

Once This Sector Takes Off, Your Early-Mover Advantage Could Be Gone…

As much as you’d probably love to, you can’t go back and invest in Apple just before it brought out the iPod.

Or Amazon before it launched its online bookstore.

Or Tesla before its first car rolled off the production line.

If you want to swing for the really big gains, you should do your best to be among the first wave of investors in this exciting sector. Let us show you how...

"Renewable energy is not the future. It is the present. Outrageous amounts of money are migrating from fossil fuels into clean energy tech companies FAST. This is the moment to capitalise. Grab your ticket to this summit!’

– Conference guest Eoin Treacy, award-winning $600m wealth manager

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Hear From Our World-Class Clean Energy Experts and Insiders:

Every morning, starting at 9am on Monday, 19 October, you’ll gain access to that day’s ‘Beyond Oil’ content, on our private conference website, at no cost whatsoever. Here’s who you’ll be hearing from...

Mark Lewis is head of sustainability research at BNP Paribas Asset Management. Before that, he was head of research at the influential environmental think-tank Carbon Tracker Initiative.

He believes that, in the coming years, growth in the renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) sectors is likely to displace oil in the transportation sector.

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘Peak Supply: The Surprising Way Oil Dies’.

Michael Liebreich is a leading global expert on clean energy and transportation, smart infrastructure, technology, climate finance and sustainable development. He founded New Energy Finance, a leading provider of primary research on clean energy, in 2004. Bloomberg bought the company in 2009.

Prior to founding New Energy Finance, Michael helped build over 25 companies as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and executive.

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘The Economics of the Clean Energy Transition’.

Ramez Naam is an angel investor, clean energy advocate, and award-winning author. He is currently co-chair for energy and the environment at Singularity University. He has authored more than 20 patents, many with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Executive chairman of Singularity University and acclaimed author Peter Diamandis says, Ramez Naam is my go-to expert on all things energy and environment.

Ramez speaks about the inevitability and increasing price advantage of clean energy. He invests in and advises clean energy companies or companies working to transition to a cleaner future.

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘The Six Trillion Dollar Disruption’.

Simon Holmes à Court began his career as a software engineer in Silicon Valley during the first dotcom wave, then spent more than a decade in precision farm water management. Simon built the country’s first community-owned wind farm, Hepburn Wind, near Daylesford in Central Victoria.

He is a director of the Smart Energy Council, senior adviser to the Energy Transition Hub at Melbourne University, and writes regularly about the transformation of Australia’s energy sector — including how it’s happening a lot faster than most of us think...

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘Why Australia’s Clean Energy Transition is Already Underway’.

Eoin Treacy is a trader, fund manager, author and wealth adviser. He has appeared numerous times on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and the BBC. He sits on the board of three financial institutions in the US, one of which was named America’s number one firm for family wealth planning.

Eoin has spent a large part of his career researching breakthrough technology and energy companies, and has become one of the most respected financial minds in the industry.

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘The Money Migration — How This Megatrend Plays Out From Here’.

Gregor Macdonald is a freelance journalist covering cities, climate and energy. His writings and views have appeared in Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, NPR, Wired, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Guardian, among others.

Gregor says ‘electricity is the new oil. In his acclaimed Oil Fall series, he writes about how clean energy, electric vehicles, and grid technology will profoundly impact the oil market. He reveals how wind and solar power will ‘jailbreak the power grid, and find their way into global transportation’.

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘Oil Fall — Three Reasons Why Fossil Fuels Are Doomed’.

James Allen has been embedded within the energy markets for over 10 years. He spent five of those heading up an energy market bureau in New York. Before that, he ran an energy price-reporting desk in London.

James has many high-level contacts inside the energy market trading community, including execs and CEOs from all the major energy companies, and exchanges in Europe and the US.

These days, he pours all of his experience, insight and contacts from the industry into helping private investors from all over the world make sense of, and potentially profit from, the global transition out of fossil fuels, and into clean, green energy.

His Beyond Oil conference talk is titled: ‘How to Grab Your Stake in the Great Energy Switchover’.

Who is This Summit Really For?

  • If you’ve never invested in renewable energy before...but have heard a lot about it…we will show you exactly what’s happening and how you could position yourself to take full advantage...
  • If you like the idea of investing in a potentially huge multi-year megatrend where a flood of capital is already committed up to the year 2050...
  • If you want to invest in ‘ethical’ companies but don’t want to sacrifice the chance to make potentially life-changing returns...
  • If you’ve been thinking about ditching your oil and coal related stocks, but need convincing before you pull the pin...

If any of these describe your situation...or you’re just fascinated to hear from some of the top minds in the industry on what’s anticipated to be the biggest industrial, technological and financial transformation of our lifetime...

Pop your email address in the box below, click or tap the button, and I’ll send you a free ticket to our seven-day online conference, Beyond Oil.


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"Oil has spent the last 20 years rapidly losing market share to every other energy source. Oil once provided a full half of global energy (and as much as 40% at the end of the century). Today, it provides just a third. Because electrification will be the super-trend of the century, oil’s market share will continue to decline this decade, as we electrify further.

– Conference guest Gregor Macdonald, author of Oil Fall

Here’s What You Get in Your Registration Package

Remember, register for Beyond Oil 2020 today — at no charge — and you’ll get these four invaluable conference companion guides for free....

‘Perfect Storm: Three Catalysts Accelerating the Exponential Energy Revolution’

The $6 trillion global energy market is ripe for disruption. And three key trends are emerging at the same time to — finally — turn the industry on its head. An exponential energy opportunity which may never again be repeated in our lifetimes. In this report, you will discover the three catalysing events that could send renewable companies from the margins to the mainstream...

‘Energy 2025: A World Turned on its Head’

Today energy power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of a few. But soon their business models will be fragmented, disrupted and ultimately replaced. That shift will not only reshape the’ll turn the market on its head. As you’ll see in this exclusive research, that sudden transformation has the potential to create enormous wealth...

‘The Moneymaking Power of Exponential Disruptions’

There have been five major wealth-creation opportunities across five key industries in the last 20 years. Each one of these opportunities has been fuelled by the same extraordinary set of circumstances. The renewable energy revolution — in our view — is next. This in-depth report will show you what to look out for if you want to claim an early-mover advantage...

‘The ONE Renewable Investment to Avoid at All Costs’

You can’t just wade into clean energy stocks and expect to make a fortune. In fact, we’ve spotted one popular type of ‘green’ investment that could be a huge mistake. We’ll tell you what it is — and explain why we’re avoiding it — in this invaluable report.


If we were to sell this research, I would expect it to come with a price tag in the $200–250 range, all up.

But like I keep saying, this is shaping up to be an opportunity like no other. A chance to invest in the biggest energy trend since oil powered the globalisation phenomenon from the 1940s.

You don’t get many of these in your lifetime. I want to show you what’s happening, and how you could get your stake in it...while we’re still ‘at the knee of the curve’.

Register for Beyond Oil 2020 at no charge today, and all this research is yours.


Register Now to Secure Your Seat And Claim Your
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Bottom line...

If you want to understand how the world is shifting from fossil fuels to renewables — and how it will affect you…

If you sense that the train is leaving the station…and you don’t want to risk being left holding ‘yesterday’s stocks’…

If you want someone to help you join the dots and develop a strategy that could help you profit from this clean energy megatrend…

Register now for Port Phillip Publishing’s Beyond Oil conference.

See you there...


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James Woodburn,
Publisher and CEO, Port Phillip Publishing