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Crypto’s back

Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse

And we’re reopening our online summit to show you a smart way to play this once again booming market. The trading strategy I’ll teach you could help you make a lot of money in 2021...

If you’ve been watching as Bitcoin has rocketed up...and you’re suffering from FOMO...this is your second chance to get involved...and if you act quickly, you can get in before the market really takes off.

The Crypto Fast Lane Summit is free to attend. But it’s a limited-time reopening. So if you’re interested, pop your email address into the box above and click the button to register now. I’ll confirm your place right away.

Listen, I think we can both agree that 2020 was pretty horrible.

If you weren’t preoccupied with the coronavirus, the masks, the lockdown and all the political hoo-ha around it, you were watching your stocks take a nosedive.

But while all this was going on...

…Bitcoin went BANANAS!

It’s up more than 300% in the last 12 months (at the time of writing).

Look...see the top line here (it’s the only one going up)...


That’s Bitcoin outstripping everything. Including gold.

And it’s been shooting up while many other major assets have either been down or flat.

But you know what?

As good as 2020 was for cryptos, and Bitcoin in particular, I believe it’s just the warmup...for something far, far bigger...

...a ‘super-boom’ event YOU could get involved in — starting in the next few days — if you’ll let me show you how.

I’ll teach you an exciting way you could capitalise on the renewed interest in Bitcoin... make a series of sky-high-potential crypto trades over the coming weeks and months — while the sector is flying again.

I’ll explain everything at The Crypto Fast Lane Summit on Wednesday, 27 January at 11am AEDT.

You can reserve your spot on this page.

Please do. Believe me, the time to do this is right now...while Bitcoin is taking off again.

I know the price has been on a big tilt these past few weeks. But I don’t see this momentum slowing any time soon.

In fact, my conservative prediction for 2021 is that...

Bitcoin will hit US$55,000 in a new ‘super-boom’

And I’m not even going out on a limb with this prediction...

The suits at JP Morgan agree with me.

This is a headline from Fortune magazine back in October:

Port Phillip Publishing

The folks at Citibank think Bitcoin is going even higher...

Port Phillip Publishing

And former Goldman Sachs hedge fund chief, Raoul Pal, is aiming for the stars...

Port Phillip Publishing

Pal now has HALF of his money in Bitcoin...which you may think is bonkers.

But the guy’s no idiot. Nor is he the only high-net-worth investor to have loaded up on Bitcoin these past few months...

On 10 November, billionaire US investor and hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller revealed he was long Bitcoin, saying it ‘has a lot of attraction as a store of value...’

Druckenmiller is considered by some to be the world’s greatest and most respected money manager!

And check this out, from Fidelity in June 2020:

Port Phillip Publishing

The smartest of the smart in the investment world feel that the crypto market is a good bet at the beginning of 2021.

Point is, these aren’t kids or internet celebrities you’ve never heard of.

They’re credible, big-name investors...successful hedge fund managers and financial journalists...

...and some of the most trustworthy blue-chip investment businesses in the world.

In other words, while everyone’s attention has been fixed on COVID and Trump...

Crypto has gone mainstream

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital and former partner of Goldman Sachs, said of Bitcoin in November:

We have crossed the Rubicon in its adoption. You’re gonna see every bank, every tech company getting involved, so I think we are at the start of a very big bull market.

First major tech firm across the Rubicon was payment company Square.

It bought US$50 million worth of Bitcoin on 8 October (looks like a pretty inspired move right now!).

In a statement, the company said that Bitcoin ‘provides a way for the world to participate in a global monetary system, which aligns with the company’s purpose...’

Shortly afterwards, PayPal — a Fortune 500 payment services company — announced that it was entering the cryptocurrency market...and that customers would be able to buy, sell and store Bitcoin on its platform.

CEO Dan Schulman revealed big plans to expand its crypto offering in 2021, saying that PayPal is looking to create‘the most expansive and compelling digital wallet in the world.

And Schulman would have a particular interest in that, after admitting in November that he, too, owns Bitcoin privately.

You’ve got to understand, this announcement is HUGELY significant to Bitcoin’s continued ascendancy up the adoption curve.

It was only two years ago that the founding CEO of PayPal, Bill Harris, called Bitcoin ‘the greatest scam in history.

Now you can transact in it via the company’s payment system!

That’s what’s different about this cycle.

We didn’t see this before the mania boom in 2017.

But we’re seeing it now.

Even normally stuffy Bloomberg is coming out with hypey headlines:

Port Phillip Publishing

Seriously, once you start seeing things like this in the mainstream media, it’s usually only a matter of time before the pile-on starts...

So, should I just buy Bitcoin then?

Well, this is where it gets interesting.

I do think you should buy some Bitcoin, yes.

You’ve seen what’s happened these past few weeks. And you know where I think the price is going. Invest now and you could find yourself in an enviable position by the end of the year.


I don’t think you should JUST buy Bitcoin.

Because while the sector is flying, there’s a way you can use Bitcoin’s momentum to trade in and out of other cryptocurrencies, depending on what’s moving the quickest at the time.

This is how you swing for really big crypto returns in a super-boom.

Check it out. While Bitcoin has been rising, I’ve used my ‘fast lane’ crypto trading strategy to propel me to gains like these...

And be clear...these returns all came BEFORE the new crypto cycle kicked off.

I believe all the big fireworks are coming THIS YEAR.

So this is the PERFECT time to get involved.

Now, as exciting as all this looks and sounds, the truth is that there are no guarantees. Not every crypto trade goes up like these.

In fact, many go down.

Crypto is an unregulated market, remember. This is a high-risk strategy. Not for everyone. Certainly not for the uninitiated.

The crypto assets I trade in and out of are tiny. They can swing up and down wildly — even over the course of a day.

I call them ‘small-cap cryptos’ for this reason. But in truth, even though I have a method for selecting only the highest-conviction coins, they’re riskier than the tiniest stocks on our market.

But...when you manage to get on — and stay on — the right ‘small-cap crypto’ at the right time, you can get fabulous returns.

Don’t take my word for that though...hear it from some of my clients...

I’ve turned $20K into $95.25K in 18mths.’ — Mark S, Qld

I’m happy to say my portfolio is up over 400% this year.

I have made some cracking gains which are starting to accumulate into the tens of thousands off a small base.
Nick, Qld

My total portfolio is up 301% and I have been somewhat conservative.’ — Max, WA

If you like looking at numbers like these... can imagine seeing them in YOUR trading account...

...and you’re ready to get into, or back into, cryptos in 2021...

...sign up for my free event on Wednesday, 27 January at 11am AEDT. Over five action-packed days, I’ll teach you what I call...

The Crypto Fast Lane
Trading Strategy

No, this isn’t a dashcam of my morning commute.

It’s actually the best analogy I can give you for my crypto trading strategy.

It’s essentially like lane-hopping on the freeway when you want to get to your destination quicker and avoid jams.

We’ve all done it. Because no one likes sitting in slow-moving traffic, while the other lanes are zipping past.

It’s instinctive. You look for a gap and move over. Slip into the faster-moving traffic. Speed up your journey. Get to your destination quicker.

On Wednesday, 27 January at The Crypto Fast Lane Summit, I’m going to show you how this ‘lane-hopping’ idea could help you get quicker, bigger returns in a crypto super-boom.

I promise you it’s logical and straightforward. Not only that, it’s easier to do now. The crypto scene has changed a lot from four years ago.

It’s much more user-friendly for retail investors these days.

At the summit, I’ll walk you through a few trades so you can see for yourself.

Just pop your email address in the box here, click or tap the button and I’ll save you a seat...

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Meet Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse

Ryan is editor of Exponential Stock Investor, Small-Cap Momentum Alert, Extreme Crypto Trader and the Money Morning daily email.

Previously, Ryan was a financial adviser for a big Melbourne-based institution for seven years.

He had $150 million in funds under management and more than 600 clients.

In fact, in his final two years in the planning industry, Ryan was his team’s number one planner, hitting his targets more often than anyone else.

The markets are in Ryan’s blood. He’s been a trader, wealth manager, analyst and fintech entrepreneur for more than 20 years.

For the last seven of those, Ryan has been active in the cryptocurrency markets, as an investor, trader and adviser to private investors in this exciting sphere.

His clients pay thousands of dollars for his crypto advice, but on Wednesday, 27 January at 11am AEDT you’ll hear from him directly at no cost.

As one of his clients, Trevor K from Queensland, says:

Anyone considering investing in cryptocurrencies should do so now with Ryan’s guiding hand.

You do not want to miss this opportunity.

Claim your free spot in any of the boxes on this page.

Let me show you what you’ll get over five enlightening and valuable online sessions...

Here’s what you’ll learn during the Crypto Fast Lane series...


Why We Need Crypto...

  • Welcome, plus what you can expect from the next five days...
  • One of Australia’s most outspoken crypto sceptics reveals what made him ‘do a 180’ he’s been turned on to Bitcoin — and here’s the surprising reason why...
  • Why mainstream finance has also ‘come round’ to Bitcoin...and why banks and hedge funds are now some of crypto’s biggest cheerleaders
  • How COVID broke something in our monetary system that only Bitcoin can fix...
  • How cryptocurrency is the future for secure private wealth and the number one antidote to money printing and low interest rates
  • Why there’s a massive opportunity to trade in and out of Bitcoin on the way up...and introducing the man to help you do that...


Why YOU Need Crypto...Now

  • How Bitcoin conspired to triple in 2020 under the noses of practically everyone...
  • Why Bitcoin still looks DIRT CHEAP compared to most other major assets...and to its own market cap...
  • Why more money flocked to Bitcoin than gold in the wake of the COVID crash...
  • Three other reasons why it’s better to hold Bitcoin than gold in a world where paper money means so little
  • Why moves by payment gateways PayPal and Square into Bitcoin is a ‘crossing the Rubicon’ moment for crypto — and why it’s another nail in the coffin of ‘fiat’ currency...
  • When we can expect the ‘institutional wall of money’ to flood into Bitcoin...
  • Why we’re moving into Bitcoin cycle four’s ‘aggressive growth phase’ and why your timing really couldn’t be better...


How to Buy and Store Crypto Safely...

  • What to do now if you want to buy Bitcoin but have no idea where to start...
  • How to open a crypto trading to set up a digital to buy to keep track of the to convert it back to AUD when you want to...
  • STEP-BY-STEP: See how much easier it is now to buy and trade crypto than it was back in 2017...
  • Why using crypto is no different to using your credit card and why it could be a major staple of eCommerce in the next decade
  • Why Bitcoin is the perfect ‘staking’ currency for my crypto ‘fast lane’ trading strategy...


Crypto ‘Lane Hopping’: A formula for trading the leading coins in a super-boom

  • REVEALED: The most obvious crypto trade that most investors don’t know...and how it could help you juice your returns in the anticipated Bitcoin super-boom...
  • The symbiotic relationship between Bitcoin and a handful of other coins that reveals the best moments to ‘change lanes’ on the crypto freeway...
  • Bitcoin: HODL versus TRADE — see the results here...
  • ‘Small-cap cryptos’ revealed: Discover the fastest-moving coins on the digital highway and learn how to hitch on — and hang on — as they blitz past you...
  • FIAT-FREE ZONE: The beauty and benefits of adopting a ‘crypto-bull’ strategy in 2021 — why cash doesn’t need to come into it, and how that could ultimately be better for your returns...
  • How Aussies used my ‘fast lane’ strategy in 2020 to make crypto gains of 380%...460%...752%...and 775%...(even BEFORE the ‘super-boom’...)
  • Why my fast lane strategy could be the perfect remedy for your crypto FOMO...

KEYNOTE EVENT: WEDNESDAY, 27 January at 11:00am AEDT

FREE ONLINE EVENT: The Crypto Fast Lane Summit

  • Discover how YOU can use my strategy to ‘flip-trade’ some of the fastest-moving cryptocurrencies on the market...for the chance to make monster gains in the anticipated 2021 crypto super-boom...

Over five days, I’m going to tell you everything I know about how to make money from this vastly underappreciated but once again booming asset class, as it moves into its fourth growth cycle.

For free!

This is a great time for you to get involved...ideally you want to be using this strategy before Bitcoin rockets up too much further.

The cheaper your Bitcoin, the more other crypto assets you can trade, and the bigger your potential returns.

So, if you’re ready to get into (or back into) cryptos — and you want to add this exciting asset to your investment mix in 2021 — drop your email address in the box below and click or tap the button...

Enter Your Email Address to Reserve Your Spot at This FREE Online Crypto Event

Please read our Terms & Conditions.

We will collect and handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

There’s more... To help you prep for the event, when you book your spot today I’ll also send you a free copy of a report I’ve prepared on Bitcoin’s fourth major growth cycle and how to play it. It’s called: 

How Bitcoin Could Hit $55,000 in 2021

How  Bitcoin Could Hit $55,000 in 2021Remember what I told you earlier: I’m actually more conservative in my Bitcoin prediction than the likes of JP Morgan, Citibank, Raoul Pal and others!

But still, I want to show you the market forces that are likely to drive the Bitcoin price up rapidly from here.

Download your free copy of my new report right now and discover:

  • In from the cold: See how my super-boom prediction made in the depths of the 2018 ‘crypto winter’ is playing out 100% as expected...
  • Buy now or regret later: Revealed — the one graph that shows why the fourth major Bitcoin cycle could be about to kick into a major bull phase. Believe me, hindsight will be no good to you once this really fires off...
  • The secret of the baby Bitcoin bear... Discover the really cool ratio that reveals why the ‘crypto winter’ is almost definitely over...and that this latest run up is the start of something potentially HUGE...
  • The 17% pattern revealed: How the maths of previous Bitcoin cycles points to a price-per-coin potentially as high as $55,000 in cycle four...
  • The science of ‘flip trading’: How some cryptos could be even better buys than Bitcoin (at the right time)...even if it goes up 17 times in this cycle

You should read this report if you’ve never bought Bitcoin before. It will bring you right up to speed with where we are, and show you exactly why you need to act now if you want to have a shot at making monster crypto gains this year.

Again, there’s no charge today. The report is yours, with my compliments — when you register for my free trading event, ‘The Crypto Fast Lane Summit’.

To do that now, pop your email address in the box below and click or tap where it says ‘Reserve My Spot’...

Enter Your Email Address to Reserve Your Spot at This FREE Online Crypto Event

Please read our Terms & Conditions.

We will collect and handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

This is not something you want to miss.

ESPECIALLY if you missed out on all the action during the third crypto growth cycle that culminated in that huge price surge back in 2017...

Believe me, in this new cycle...

I expect the Facebooks and Googles of crypto to emerge

The trading strategy I’ve developed is designed to identify these assets and tell you when to jump on them — using Bitcoin as your ‘base crypto’

If they turn out to be the of crypto, we’ll jump off them as soon as we know, and back onto Bitcoin.

Like I say, it’s risky. But I have a plan. I have pretty strict trading criteria. And I have seven years’ experience in the crypto market.

And by the way, there’s no guarantee that Bitcoin is going to remain the ‘benchmark’ cryptocurrency in the marketplace.

Even though some experts are calling Bitcoin ‘the Amazon of crypto’ — because they think it’ll go up 90 times in the next 15 years — that doesn’t mean it will.

Yes, Bitcoin was first to the party. But that doesn’t mean anything.

Facebook wasn’t the first social media platform. Myspace and Friends Reunited came before it.

Google wasn’t the first search engine on the internet, either. It followed Yahoo, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, Dogpile and others.

The point is, assuming we are in a new growth phase, any one of the ‘small-cap cryptos’ we jump onto with our lane-hopping strategy could rise to become the dominant player in this still nascent industry.

THEN you could see SERIOUS money.

That’s why I target them.

It’s such an exciting time, and an exciting strategy to boot.

But guess what?

Time is of the essence

You stand the best chance of making the biggest crypto gains while Bitcoin is on the rise.

And it IS. Even with some of the pullbacks we’ve seen in the last few weeks, Bitcoin is in an established uptrend.

Investor interest is building again...2021 is shaping up to be the year that crypto finally powers up the ‘adoption curve’ and breaks through into everyday life.

The pump is being primed for another boom event.

And this time, you’re going to be part of it.

To reserve your spot at ‘The Crypto Fast Lane Summit’, put your email address in the box below and click or tap the button. I’ll send you an email back straightaway to confirm your registration. In that email, you’ll find a link to download your copy of: ‘How Bitcoin Could Hit $55,000 in 2021’.

I’ll also let you know what the itinerary is for the series, when we’re going to get started, and what else you can expect over the coming days.

See you there...


Ryan Dinse Signature

Ryan Dinse,
Host, The Crypto Fast Lane Summit

Enter Your Email Address to Reserve Your Spot at This FREE Online Crypto Event

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