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Life at ZERO

An invaluable — and FREE — event for anyone who’s missed out on the huge recovery in stocks

In 2020, bitcoin, gold and tech stocks all went through the roof. But I believe this is just the start of a much longer-term trend. A handful of smart moves today could help you get ahead of the NEXT wave of strong performers.

Join my free “Life At Zero” event this Thursday and you’ll find out how to get ahead of what’s coming next. Including the surprising way to turn zero interest rates to your advantage — and my number one Aussie stock to own for 2021.


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Dear fellow investor,

Perhaps you’re worried you’ve missed the recovery in stocks…

Maybe you want to buy in, but don’t want to own stocks that have just doubled or tripled…

Or you’re concerned that if you DO take the plunge, you’ll get blindsided by the next big correction.

I get it.

It’s easy to feel nervous about what’s going on right now.

On one hand, gold, commodities, tech stocks and cryptos all soared out of the pandemic crash.

On the other hand, the Aussie economy is emerging from its first recession in decades, millions are out of work, and half the world is still in lockdown.

It’s confusing. And it’s hard to watch other people make money while you miss out.

But that’s why you have to hear the prediction our Editorial Director Greg Canavan is making right now. As Greg put it:

If you make a handful of smart moves with your money today — the next few years could be some of the most prosperous and lucrative of your entire life.

I’m not talking about buying bitcoin or other speculative stocks. You just need to understand what’s really going on right now…and make a few simple moves.

It sounds crazy, I know…

But Greg believes the soaring markets we’ve seen in the last year are connected to a much bigger trend…

One he thinks is near certain to have a dramatic impact on you, your finances or your retirement in the coming years.

It’s the reason stuff like bitcoin, gold and silver are soaring…why tech stocks have gone vertical…even why near-bankrupt US stocks have been leaping by 10 times or more…

It’s the same reason the Aussie stock market is nearing all-time highs — and likely to go higher this year…

And it’s why all this is happening at a time when the real economy is the weakest it has been in decades.

Greg puts it like this:

I believe understanding this trend is the most important thing you’ll do with your money all year.

It could make the difference between getting ahead of the next wave of assets to soar…

…and falling behind as your money goes into reverse.

That’s why Greg is hosting an urgent — and FREE — online event for all Aussie savers and investors this coming Thursday.

It’s called Life at Zero.

And if you have money in the markets (or the bank)...or WANT to buy in but just don’t know where to start — then it’s critical you hear what Greg has to say.

Join him and he’ll show you what’s really causing the markets to soar right now…where the next wave of top-performing stocks could come from…why markets could rise higher, for longer than anyone realises…

…and, most importantly, he’ll show you how, if you’re clever and make a few counter-intuitive moves with your money today, 2021 could be one of the best years of your life.

He’ll explain why that is and what you need to do on Thursday, 4 March at 11am.

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  • The ‘cash panic’ that’s already sending parts of the stock market into a frenzy.
  • A smart way to turn zero rates and QE to your advantage, without punting your money on cryptos, small-caps or risky speculations.
  • Why these exact conditions have sent some markets up 100–300% in the past (with some individual stocks soaring as much as 1,200%).
  • Why many Australians are about to make a big mistake with their money — and how to avoid joining them.
  • Which Aussie stocks and sectors could perform strongly while interest rates are held at zero.
  • PLUS: The name and ticker symbol of the number one Australian stock Greg Canavan recommends you own right now. (No subscription or payment required — Greg will name the stock on camera on Thursday.)

Just one word of warning:

Greg believes doing NOTHING could be the very worst thing you can do right now.

I know a lot of people will be sitting in cash and thinking they’ll wait things out. But that’s a mistake you could regret in five years’ time.

That’s why I’m urging you to hear me out. Let me lay out my case and share one of my top investment recommendations with you for free. But ignoring this and staying out of the market…that’s a bad move.

To reserve your free place — and unlock a series of bonus reports, Greg’s most up-to-date research, and the top stock he recommends you buy right now — just enter your email address in the box below.


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Who is Greg Canavan — and why should you listen to every word he says?

After growing up in the coal mining town of Wollongong, New South Wales, Greg Canavan started his career as an equity analyst at the National Australia Bank. In nearly two decades in the financial markets, he’s given advice to thousands of Australian stock investors. He’s appeared numerous times on Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC’s Lateline and Sky TV’s The Perret Report.

Here’s what his readers have to say about his work:

‘I love reading Greg’s articles and believe him to have one of the most solid, interesting, and well-reasoned viewpoints out there. In short, I can relate to and therefore trust what he has to say. I know that 80%+ of everything I have invested in has done well so far.’

— Chris R

‘I have been a fan of Greg’s now for a number of years. I know that I can get no bull advice on the moves in the market as well as very good recommendations.’

— Mike Kay


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