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Who is Greg Canavan — and why should you listen to every word he says?

After growing up in the coal mining town of Wollongong, New South Wales, Greg Canavan started his career as an equity analyst at the National Australia Bank. In nearly two decades in the financial markets, he’s given advice to thousands of Australian stock investors. He’s appeared numerous times on Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC’s Lateline and Sky TV’s The Perret Report.

Here’s what his readers have to say about his work:

‘I love reading Greg’s articles and believe him to have one of the most solid, interesting, and well-reasoned viewpoints out there. In short, I can relate to and therefore trust what he has to say. I know that 80%+ of everything I have invested in has done well so far.’

— Chris R

‘I have been a fan of Greg’s now for a number of years. I know that I can get no bull advice on the moves in the market as well as very good recommendations.’

— Mike Kay