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Dear Reader,

Few people are born famous. In most instances, fame is a byproduct of success.

Think about some of the big players in business — Buffett, Gates, and Branson.

They weren’t always billionaire household names. They started as OUTSIDERS. And it took time for their stars to rise.

Take Richard Branson…

He got his start selling discount records from a university magazine. The next step up the ladder was a recording business. Later it was an airline, and then hundreds of other ventures.  

Branson’s fame and wealth grew spectacularly over the years. His estimated net wealth is just short of US$5 billion.

Just think…all that from a humble mail order business.

Now let me ask you this…

If you could put your money alongside Branson’s capital, when would be the most profitable time to do this?

The answer’s pretty obvious.

You make the most money by
backing outsiders early

This is where the rate of growth is typically greatest. It’s then a case of holding on for the ride.

A company is similar. All superstar companies start as outsiders. A glimmer in their founder’s eye. 

The ASX has around 2,000 stock listings. That’s a lot companies. And most of these are virtually unknown — much like Branson was with his mail order business.

The problem is, you never hear about these stocks when they’re outsiders. Here in Australia, most of them never get near the All Ordinaries, which is made up of the top 500 stocks.

Most fund managers and stock brokers don’t even look much beyond the top 200 companies. Some don’t have an investment mandate to ‘dig down’ for smaller stocks. While many simply lack the resources to offer wider coverage.

There is a SEA of listed stocks existing in a ‘coverage blackout’.

It’s as if they don’t exist.

For that reason you tend not to hear about outsider stock

breakouts until AFTER the lightning-fast share price ramp-up has already happened.

So how do you spot future superstars…while they are still

trading in the shadows?

That’s the subject of an intriguing series of four online video tutorials by a man called Jason McIntosh. We are making these four sessions free to view for all interested Port Phillip Publishing readers, starting this Saturday.

How to ride the coattails of outsiders
as they climb the ASX ranks

If you’re curious about making outsized gains from little-known ASX stocks — but doing it in a systematic, controlled way — you’ll find these four videos riveting viewing.

So who is Jason McIntosh?

Jason is a former Vice President and deputy-head of the Foreign Exchange Forwards desk at one of the world’s oldest and biggest investment banks.

More importantly, though, Jason is a member of an elite and mysterious group…

Business Insider calls them ‘The maths geniuses who run Wall Street.Forbes says ‘the stock market belongs to them.

The New York Times describes these stock market scientists the best:

Seduced by a vision of mathematical elegance…they apply skills they once hoped to use to untangle string theory or the nervous system to making money.

I’m talking, if you haven’t already guessed, about the ‘quants’. Short for quantitative analysts.

Jason worked alongside some of the pioneers of quantitative trading system design…years before the mega quant hedge funds and high frequency traders started ruling Wall Street.

Put simply: if you are invested in the equity markets in any form, the Quants are your landlords. You are their tenant. They OWN the stock market. You just invest and trade in it.

But there are less than 10,000 quants in the whole world. 

They are rare on Wall Street.

They are rarer by a factor of 50 here in Australia.

That’s why you’ll want to make sure you watch, starting this Saturday, as Jason gives
his free masterclass on something he calls OUTSIDER TRADING

As I say, we are making this series free for all Port Phillip Publishing readers who are interested.

No subscription. No fee of any kind. The only thing you need to get on the student list is a genuine curiosity about how to identify tiny stocks several hundred days BEFORE they break into a major index. And, specifically, about what exactly is going on in some of the darkest recesses of the stock market

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What do I mean by OUTSIDER TRADING?

Well, you’ll have to watch the tutorial series to find out!

But what Jason will show is how to zero in on unknown stocks months before they gain entrance into a major index.

Obviously, if you can do this, you can make a lot of money.

By the time Standard & Poors announces that a stock has made it into, say, the All Ordinaries, the huge share price gains have already been made.

The idea, says Jason, is to jump on these stocks while they are still outsiders.

And before they finally come to the attention of mainstream traders and investors.

So that’s what this series is about.

Picking outsider companies that are about to become insiders.

Many funds can’t buy shares in a company if it’s not of a sufficient size. You could say entering an index is the ASX equivalent to ‘getting made’ by the mafia. Index inclusion opens the door to more mega-investment dollars.

It also generally means that shareholders who got in when the company was an outsider have just made a mega-return.

So how do you consistently unearth these kinds of stocks?

It’s not easy. But if you apply some secrets of the quantitative method, it CAN be done…

Jason will share some of these secrets with you in his four-part tutorial series.

It’ll be worth sitting in on just to hear a genuine quant speak!

They’re a notoriously secretive bunch who entered mainstream consciousness thanks to Michael Lewis' recent book Flash Boys.

But still, little is known about them.

What Quants do is invent trading strategies — using high-tech software — that AUTOMATICALLY identify ideas with a statistical probability of making money.

One Quant, the 30-year old Elie Galam, is a Harvard math PhD who got headhunted at 22 by Blue Mountain Capital. He likens his trading methodology to the methods used to locate oil.

It's like seismic imaging,’ he told CNN Money. ‘I want to have a high degree of confidence that when I drill, I'm going to find oil.

Imagine if YOU could punt on stocks heading towards a major index inclusion KNOWING you have a statistical advantage over everyone else…

That prospect is why I’m so excited about this tutorial series. And it’s why I want to open it up for free to any PPP subscriber who wants to watch.

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As I say, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Quants usually stay hidden in the backrooms of investment banks…creating the algorithms for trading ‘dark pools’ like Goldman Sachs’ Sigma X.

Sigma X, and other dark pools like it, are for ‘in-house’ use only. They are closed off to anyone but Goldman traders themselves andtheir biggest customers. No outsider can get in.

Over four online sessions you’ll get a glimpse into a world few investors even know exists. And you’ll get it from a man who was a senior trader (Vice President, in fact) at one of the biggest investment banks in the world for nine years. And now he’s applying his quantitative methods to finding outsider stocks on the ASX…BEFORE they get famous.

Obviously, this guy is not going to be giving away all his crown jewels in this free tutorial series. Nor will we be infringing on the intellectual property of any investment bank or hedge fund.

But if you’re interested in trading…or just intrigued with HOW some of the smartest and richest traders in the world make their money…you should make sure you claim your seat in these four free lectures.

I can tell you now you will come away with some incredible insights that you can apply to your own trading and investing.

It will take the form of four daily instalments, starting THIS SATURDAY.

And it’s free. I want any Port Phillip Publishing reader who’s interested to be able to sit in. All that’s required is your click on the link below. From there, the four passcodes to access each part will be emailed to you.


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